Are you THAT MUCH of a Grinch that you can't let people be excited for the holidays?

Apparently, somebody is.

The police in Franklin Township, Gloucester County, are on the hunt for whichever jerk decided it was a good idea to completely destroy the town's Christmas tree.


They shared a post to Facebook revealing that not even a mere 24 hours after the township put on its annual tree lighting ceremony, the tree was picked up from it's location at the town center by the lake and completely taken out of the stand.

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Whomever did this knocked it over and created a lot more work for the people who put together not only the tree, but the tree lighting event itself.

How insensitive can you be?

Some people look forward to this event the township throws each and every year. It's become a tradition for so many. Hearing the news about Franklin Township's tree is heartbreaking.


It's vandalism is what it is. That's exactly what the police are calling it, too. If you or anyone you know is aware of any details that could result in the culprit being discovered, reach out to to the Franklin Township Police Department.

Check out the post they shared below:

What a bummer. So sorry to anyone involved in getting the tree ready to go for the celebration.

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