Have you spotted any of those little boxes filled with books that are popping up around Mays Landing lately?

If you're unfamiliar with what they are, they're calling them "little free libraries." The idea is that people, mostly kids, can come and go when they want to and take (borrow) a book of their choosing. Now, when they're done with it, they're supposed to bring it back to the box so it's there for another person to read.

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According to the Press of Atlantic City, there's one couple in particular who is responsible for the little library system that seems to have sprouted throughout Mays Landing. Apparently, retired teachers Vic and Helen Hudson stumbled across a free little library box while out on a bike ride. After looking into the concept, they decided it was a great idea to encourage children to read, so they took it upon themselves to set up even more book boxes throughout their community.

The way it works is Vic and Helen will set up the basic box that sits about a few feet high and then assign a steward to look after it. The steward is allowed to decorate the box however they'd like. For example, Vic and Helen's is apparently decked out in an acorn theme since that's the street on which they live.

Believe it or not, there's an entire online system that's used to track the little free libraries throughout the United States. It's an entire organization, actually. The non-profit's purpose is to encourage reading and community through taking and receiving books. If you take a book from one of the libraries, you're supposed to donate one, also. That way, there's always something new to read! A great concept, isn't it?

People can come to take a book from the little free libraries at any hour of the day, seven days a week.

Learn more about the little free libraries in Mays Landing HERE.

Source: pressofatlanticcity.com, Youtube

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