After reviewing the video, quite frankly it's surprising the man didn't have a heart attack after dealing with this.

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Imagine you're out on a nice leisurely jog on one of the trails you're familiar with when all of a sudden a mountain lion appears out of nowhere. Not only have you now peaked this cat's interest, but it takes it a step further and starts stalking you. That's the terrifying story of a man who goes by @kunkyle on Instagram (Kunkyle Z on Youtube).

Kyle is his name and he shared that he originally thought what was stalking him was a bobcat, but after several people (42 million from one source) had a chance to take a look at the footage, he was told that it was actually a mother cougar! What must have happened was Kyle had stumbled upon a piece of the trail that was too close for comfort to where the cougar mama was resting with her cubs. As a result, this thing won't leave Kyle alone. She follows Kyle as he walks backwards up the trail, stalking him and behaving very aggressively.

In the video, you can hear Kyle talking to the cougar in what seems like either an attempt to calm himself down, protect himself, or calm her (the cougar) down. To be honest, it was probably a combination of both. Even though Kyle's not running, it's easy to hear his distressed breathing. He makes every attempt to make himself look bigger to the cougar so she doesn't think she stands a chance against him should she attack.



Did your heart drop a bit when you saw the cougar charge him those few times? He's lucky he made it out alive!


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