If you're asking "Who cares" right now, that's exactly this writer's point.

While looking through recent YouTube videos filmed in Atlantic City, I stumbled across a couple videos uploaded in the last couple of days featuring a young girl, Vasilisa Seneko.

Here's one of the videos:

My first reaction, maybe like yours was "who cares?".

Then I started doing some following of posted links.

Apparently Miss Seneko is a budding actress/YouTube star.

One link led me to her Backstage page. She is a budding actress, who "plays" in the age range of 10-14, and she's from Princeton.

OK, fair enough. Then, I went to the YouTube page, named "David Seneko" - who I assume is some sort of relative. There I found hundreds of YouTube videos featuring young Vasilisa.

So it got me thinking: are here parents trying to make a YouTube star out of her? For whose gain? Their own? Hers?

People can make a lot of money being YouTube stars - if - and it's a big if - they get a lot of people to watch their videos. So far, she only has 436 subscribers. One video has over 50,000 views, but the rest are most several hundred views at most. That kind of viewership isn't getting anyone a dime from YouTube.

So, I ask you (and please comment!), is this just a case of parents exposing their young daughter for the hope of financial gain? Or, are they trying to prepare the girl for a television career? Is this weird?

Here's one more video of the young girl in Atlantic City:

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