There have been way too many reports of children missing over the last two years I've been on the morning show here and every time a new one comes in, it breaks my heart even more.

As I was scrolling through the internet this morning, I came across yet another one about a girl who has been missing for almost an entire month now. She's only 17-years-old. Although says the police haven't marked Gabriella McWilliams to be in any danger, whenever the whereabouts of a young person are unknown, it leaves you with an uneasy feeling. When you're that young, anything can happen. During your teenage years, you're at your most vulnerable state of mind.

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Apparently, tips have indeed been rolling in regarding sightings of McWilliams, but according to the family, she hasn't been seen in three weeks. There have been other sources that make it sound like authorities have been close to discovering her whereabouts only to have not actually there once police check it out, but McWilliams' aunt, Colleen Gillan McWilliams, has confirmed to us through a Facebook message that the 17-year-old is, in fact, in danger. The family has been posting all over social media trying to raise awareness regarding her disappearance and the police are taking every claim seriously. Her aunt also revealed to Cat that the family has been helping Gabby get the mental and emotional help she needs. Not many details were provided regarding the issues she's facing, only that she hasn't been on her medication since she left her group home last month and hasn't been on social media at all since then.

The only thing we can really do to make sure she gets back to where she belongs is to call the Lumberton police if you believe to have seen her. They can be reached at 609-267-8300. She's been gone for over a month now; her aunt even confirms that she hasn't even finished out this school year. Keep your eyes peeled and inform the folks over at Lumberton Police Department if you come across any information.

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