CNN reports that a gender reveal party is responsible for the start of a wildfire that ripped through 47,000 acres in Arizona.

A border patrolman, Dennis Dickey from Tuscon, couldn't have the normal, run-of-the-mill gender reveal for his family. Rather, he had to go above and beyond, thereby igniting the Sawmill Fire that will end up costing him over $8 million in damages. EIGHT MILLION.

Was it worth it at the end of the day? Best guess is probably not.

CNN says his original idea was to shoot at a target that would explode with blue or pink powder, thus revealing the gender. Explode it sure did, which ignited the fire in Coronado National Forest.

This generation seems to have a party for everything. Who doesn't love a party? At some point, however, it would seem like enough is enough.

No one is against gender reveals per se, but the question is, why did the gender reveal have to be so over-the-top to begin with? Wouldn't it be prudent to do some research before going with an idea that could leave your pocket book a desolate wasteland when you should be doing everything in your power to save as much money as possible before your child arrives?

Also, how did gender reveals become a necessity in the process of planning for the arrival of a new addition? There used to be a baby shower and that was that. Now, there's sometimes a party to announce a pregnancy, the gender reveal, the shower, the list goes on.


You tell us...

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