Mays Landing is known for its historic hometown feel. Now, the folks that call Mays Landing home have something that's predicted to add to that hometown vibe.

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While scrolling through Facebook last night, I found a post in one of the many South Jersey Facebook Groups I'm a part of on the platform that got me super excited for Mays Landing Residents. A company called Johnson Architecture Inc. shared a rendering of a plan to add "living units" as well as a town center that will be called Cotton Mill Flats. Of course, I'm referring to the old Cotton Mill building (Mays Landing Water Company) that used to be a source of employment for many residents for 80+ years.

The plan is to use what still exists as a historical site and add to it to create a luxurious town center without stripping that area of it's old-school feel. The rendering looks like it'll be a pretty beautiful structure. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind living in one the units, myself. By the looks of their plan for the outside, the vibe will most likely be modern industrial on the inside. That's just speculation at this point, of course.

You can head over to Facebook to check out the rendering yourself. Just search Johnson Architecture, Inc. and look for the post with the picture of what will soon be called 'Cotton Mill Flats'. You can do that, or you can take a look HERE.

This is super exciting for Mays Landing! A bit of new luxury with old world charm? Sounds like quite a sight once it's finished!


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