In a stunning outcome, Ed Durr, a truck driver from Gloucester County, beat out New Jersey political heavyweights for a spot on the state senate in the 2021 election.

Even Senate President Steve Sweeney was shocked, but did wind up conceding after the results were clear that Ed won fair and square. While it was a shocker that a trucker would win out against people that have been in office for years, multiple social media posts show that a lot of Jersey, especially South Jersey residents, are eager for someone to take office that understands how the normal, everyday, average person lives.

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It seems like the sentiment is that, hopefully, someone who understands how a huge portion of the state lives will be a better representative of the people. Of course, only time will tell whether that's true or not.

Durr doesn't get sworn in to his new Senate position until the start of the new year, so for now, sources report that he's headed back into the driver's seat this week. He did tell a few sources that he's super nervous and anxious about what's to come. What's more is he said that he'd even be willing to have a beer with the man he defeated, the Democratic Senate President, Steve Sweeney.

Who knows? Maybe that meeting, if it ever happens, will give Durr some valuable insight. Even hearing Durr say that, though, for some, is comforting since it shows that he's in it for the politics, not to hit below the belt.

Best of luck to the new senator elect on not only his upcoming term, but his job and routes for the rest of the year.


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