It is the time of year when the debate over happy holidays vs. merry Christmas comes into play. The idea of saying happy holidays over merry Christmas is more of a recent thing and people have become passionate over this argument.

Savannah from EHT called in and said "I would like you to say Merry Christmas. ...I'm not offended by other people's like religions and the holidays that they celebrate. So if somebody wants to tell me like 'happy Hanukah' or 'happy Kwanzaa' [go for it.]"

Hayley from Williamstown called and said:

Until maybe 5 years ago I would've said 'merry Christmas.' Then I got into a relationship with a practicing Jewish male and I really started to embrace the fact that instead of imposing the holiday I am personally celebrating on anybody else I want them to enjoy whatever holiday they celebrate. Whether they don't do anything Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, they just celebrate the new year or they celebrate all of them.

People from both sides of this debate make compelling arguments in their own right.

Let's hear from you.

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