Are you ready for the holidays?

Well, ready or not, here they come. Halloween is only a few weeks away and then comes the most wonderful and magical time of the year. That still stands to hold true for most people if you're not planning on doing much traveling over the busy holiday season.

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If you and yours have holiday destination plans this year that involve traveling on I-95, you're going to want to take extra care with planning your routes. According to, you can expect some major shifts in traffic patterns heading over the Delaware Memorial Bridge entering back into southern New Jersey commencing now and lasting, at least, through a decent chunk of November.

Construction is currently underway in an effort to carry out plans for renovations of the Jersey side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. So, not only is the work going to impact New Jersey residents, but anybody traveling northbound on I-95 for the foreseeable future.  More specifically, two lanes of the bridge and highway will be out of commission while the work is being done.

Of course, there will be a lane that will take travelers around the construction, but that doesn't mean there won't be any congestion. It's safe to say that getting out of New Jersey shouldn't pose too much of an issue, but it's the return trip that will be the headache.

If you plan on returning overnight so as to avoid construction, note that an additional lane is expected to be shut down so the workers can pour the concrete. The two lanes that closed Thursday, September 15th are reportedly expected to be shut down through November 22nd, just two days before Thanksgiving.

For more information regarding the Delaware Memorial Bridge construction project, click HERE.


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