As every New Jersey resident is fully aware, anything having to do with road construction or various highway projects can take upwards of what feels like an eternity before they're complete.

It seems like we've been hearing about this particular project for a while now. It's been announced several times that the Garden State aims to be, pretty much, cashless on their toll roads within the next decade. Now, will that actually prove to be the accurate timeline? We won't know that answer for almost another ten years.

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What we do know, however, is that the very first cashless toll road is expected to be the Atlantic City Expressway. The AC Expressway runs from Gloucester and Camden counties, all the way through Atlantic County traveling west until you hit Atlantic City. You can also take the expressway west and merge onto Route 42, which will take you all the way to Philadelphia.

It's the route most people traveling to the south Jersey shore take to get to their favorite beach towns. Needless to say, there can be A LOT of congestion during the peak summer months. So, the question is, will going cashless actually save people time on that particular highway during the summer? So far, it seems that's what people are most optimistic about.

Others, of course, aren't exactly thrilled about the idea of eliminating the jobs of toll collectors. One person, however, submitted a piece to about NJ's highways going cashless and expressed an opinion that said we'd all be shocked to see people still wanting to work that job in the future, so we shouldn't be sad to see it go.

The process of going cashless is expected to be complete sometime in 2025, however who really knows if that will be when everything's finished?

You tell us:

JM for TSM/Canva
JM for TSM/Canva


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