If I had kids, I'd definitely be getting them involved in this local event.

How would you like to follow along an egg's journey through the hatching process just in time for Easter? Baby chicks for Easter! Sounds adorable, doesn't it?

Photo by Meg Kannan on Unsplash
Photo by Meg Kannan on Unsplash

Who wouldn't love to witness that miracle of life?

A local farm, Burning Bush Farm and Forest, are inviting you and your family out for a 21-day experience in which you'll get to follow along as your egg incubates all the way until it hatches. They're anticipating the hatching to happen before Easter, so you'll be able to get plenty of pictures of your baby chick before the Easter Bunny makes his appearance.

They're calling it the Hatch-Along event. It kicks off on either Friday, March 17th or Saturday, March 18th, depending on when you can pick your egg. You'll head to Burning Bush Farm in Galloway, pick out your egg, and then get ready to watch the magic happen. The folks at the farm are prepared to keep you informed every step of the way, including about when to expect and when regarding the egg's development process.

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You'll be able to watch your egg hatch live on April 8th via a livestream! Once your egg hatches and your new baby chick is here, you'll get the chance to go out to the farm and hang out with your chick one-on-one for a special meet-and-greet just in time for Easter.

For more information, you can check them out on Facebook or see the flyer below.

Source: Facebook

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