Sorry, but you didn't win Garth Brooks tickets for his concert in Philadelphia Saturday Night.

First, we should clear something up...  You didn't win Garth Brooks tickets, unless you're John E. of North Cape May! John was one of a bunch of people who found six differences in our "Spot the Differences" Video Contest. We did a random drawing from all the successful entrants, and John won two tickets to see Garth Saturday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia!

We do have a bunch more tickets to win Friday. Find out how to win right here.

Now, back to the "Spot the Difference" Contest. We asked you to come up with six differences - but, we actually "planted" SEVEN differences! Here's what was different:

1. The Tractor. Not there at  11. There at :53.

2. The black cow up on the shelf, It's there at :13 (and the title gets in the way).  It's gone at :56

3. The mug on the counter. It's there at :14. Gone at :57.

{We have no idea what the mysterious blue light was! Not one of the differences, though...}

4. Orange Cup on the desk at :26. It's gone at 1:08.

5. This is the tough one. At :28 there's something in front of that "orange" thing on that top shelf to the right. It's gone at 1:12.

6. There's a green thing on the shelf at :37. It's actually a box of Girl Scout Cookies! Thin Mints! Gone at 1:19.

7. There's no CD next to the window at :44. It appears there at 1:26. (It's a Rascal Flatts CD.)


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