We have a big day planned for today - with your chance to win one of 8 pair of Garth Brooks tickets we're giving away!

We'll start around 6:15 AM ... and try to give away tickets EVERY HOUR until we run out. (We may not get a winner every hour!)

Here's how to win:

1. Listen to call in and win! When we tell you, be the 7th caller at 609-383-1073.

2. If you are the 7th caller, we'll ask you to tell us our last Garth Brooks winner's first name! If you know it, you win! If you don't.... EPIC FAIL! You lose and we don't play again `til the next hour!

So, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you listen all day, and note the names of the winners!

A couple things:

*The first winner - around 6:15am - doesn't need to know the name of the previous winner, since there isn't one. 7th caller automatically wins!

*By 3pm, if we haven't given all the tickets away, we will attempt to play the same game several times in order to give away all the tickets by 4pm. THIS COULD BE A MAD-CRAZY HOUR if we have a lot of tickets remaining.

*All tickets must be picked up by the winner by 5pm Friday. No exceptions.

Good luck! As we say, "You Gotta Listen to Win!"

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