Compared to the rest of the country, how bad do we have it here in New Jersey in the winter?

Full disclosure: I hate winter.  I'm a summer, sun-loving, like-it-90 degrees girl.

With that said, I do like a good snow-fall... Like two or three inches...  And then that's it.  And I'm ok with it being cold.  Cold enough to know it's not fall and not yet spring.  But by mid-March - I want the temperature to start rising.

Well, according to Thrillist, New Jersey sits almost smack dab in the middle of the road when it comes to miserable winters.

Here's what they say,

24. New Jersey

Imagine getting on a train on a winter morning, everybody wrapped in their puffy coats, salty and bleary-eyed. There’s one seat left… between two dudes who definitely appear to be obnoxious, insufferable assholes. But hey, it’s a seat, so you take it. Yet, when you sit, you get the sense both of these guys regard YOU as the asshole. Now imagine that morning lasts for a few months. This is winter in New Jersey, starring Philly and New York as your asshole neighbors.

Ha!!  Just about perfect.

Minnesota won this chilly contest.  No complaint there!

Source: Thrillist

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