Jersey City, NJ gets a bad rap.  But is it really one of the most misunderstood cities in America?  One website thinks so.

Thrillist made a list of America's 13 most misunderstood cities.

And Jersey City is one of them.

I mean, I guess I get it.  But some of the other cities on their list include Detroit and Cleveland, among others.  I really understand why those cities are typically misunderstood...

But why Jersey City?  The view of the Manhattan skyline?  The Statue of Liberty in the distance?


Here's why Thrillist thinks so:

Between what's typically seen on the news (read: murders, shootings, and stabbings) and the fact that Snooki and JWoww had a place here (more shameful than said murders, shootings, and stabbings), things have been rough for Jersey City’s reputation. At best we’ve been known merely as a passing spot for commuters on their way to the Holland Tunnel into Manhattan. But there’s much more to this place. I swear.

Damn Jersey Shore.  The TV show, of course.

The author goes on to tout Jersey City as a wonderful place - we already know that - with great restaurants and inexpensive housing.  Comparatively speaking...

Source: Thrillist

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