Obviously I would rank New Jersey at #1!!  A website recently ranked all 50 states, 1 being the best, 50 being the worst.

Thrillist recently ranked all 50 states in the country.  And to be perfectly honest, I thought New Jersey would've been ranked closer to the bottom, given our stereotypes...

However, I was pleasantly surprised!

New Jersey is ranked as the 21st best state in the country!  Here's what Thrillist had to say about NJ:

21. New Jersey

Despite all the damage wrought by certain reality TV programs and a certain rotund Cowboys-loving governor, Jersey is actually pretty damn swell. Most of the Jersey Shore (place, not show) is rather pleasant and devoid of laundry-obsessed orange people, South Jersey is basically a pastoral wonderland, and the state arguably does both pizza and cheesesteaks better than its more heralded neighbors in either direction. Plus, our moms really love that Jersey Boys musical.

Congratulations to us!

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