Earlier today, Philadelphia was honored the distinction of "The Angriest City in America."  This afternoon, Cape May earns the title of one of "The Best Small US Cities to Spend the Weekend."

The same website, Thrillist, claims that Philadelphians are angry and that Cape May is awesome.

As I don't necessarily agree with the first, the latter is absolutely true!

Cape May is awesome for a weekend, or the entire year!

Here's what Thrillist had to say,

Colorful Victorian buildings are scattered throughout the city and along the beach, designating Cape May as a National Historic Landmark and creating a serene atmosphere -- much unlike the glitz and glam of other shore destinations. A stroll down Beach Ave, the main thoroughfare, will present you with a number of charming bed & breakfasts and eateries, like George's, Zoe's, and -- keeping with the simplicity -- Uncle Bill's.

Woo Hoo!

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