Every weekday morning at 7:10am on Cat Country we announce the names of people celebrating a birthday.

The most asked question I receive is, "How do I get somebody's birthday announced?"

It's easy. There's actually a few ways.

1. Call me between 5:30am and 7am the morning of the birthday. Our studio number is 609-383-1073. It's important to call me the morning of the event. The simple reason not to call me days earlier is...... I lose things.

2. Email me the day before the birthday. My email address is joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com. Again, email me the day before. Any earlier and......I may lose it.

3. Send me a message on Facebook, either the day before, or the morning of, by 6:45am. I can be found on Facebook by searching for : Cat Country's Joe Kelly. Please note, Facebook won't let me accept any new friends, but you can subscribe to my page.

That about does it. Again, the easiest and best way to get the birthday to me is just call me the morning of the birthday, 609-383-1073.

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