Thanksgiving is supposed to be a peaceful time for families to gather and reflect on all the things that they're thankful for. Well, my family doesn't know the meaning of peaceful so I've never had one of those Thanksgiving dinners. And wouldn't you know, this year is my year to host. Peaceful and stress-free are pipe dreams.

Enough about me, if it's your year to cook dinner for the family, don't stress, we've got you covered. A quick Google search reveals countless tips and tricks to making your Thanksgiving dinner a hit. From the decor to the side dishes, there is a lot to think about. So, take time to review these snippets of advice whether it's your first time hosting or your 40th.

As for tips to preparing the perfect bird, we suggest you check out this cool feature, 13 Days of Turkey, from our sister station SoJO 104.9.

Regardless of which advice you choose to take, we wish you a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving this year!

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