Are you sick of all the fall spam in your social media feed? Well, Fall's on its way whether you're ready or not. Why not embrace it and make the best memories possible?

Fall isn't quite here yet, but it's right around the corner. This weekend, to be exact. If by September 22nd you're totally over all the pumpkin spam, don't fret! Fall isn't just about pumpkin spiced lattes. The time between summer and winter is perfect for a complete reset.


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    Rededicate Yourself To Working Out

    Instead of waiting until the New Year to get back into the gym, why not take this time to reevaluate your fitness goals? Fall is the perfect time to do your research and decide which method of exercise works best for you.

    The best part about getting your workout routine together now is actually being able to apply it outside. It's not super chilly yet, so you're not confined to a gym. Take the time to insta or pinterest some #fitsporation and get moving!

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    Read A Self-Help Book

    It doesn't even matter which one. Certain methods work for certain people. Get lost on a Saturday in the library or Barnes and Noble and grab whichever title and summary captures your attention. Self-Help books are like the gym - you sometimes dread it, but you never regret completing it.

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    Try a New Fall-Themed Recipe

    Fall is THE BEST time to try out those new vegan recipes you've been meaning to attempt - even though you're not even vegan. There's something about this season that expands your palate. You're eager to spend more time in the kitchen. Take a break from your normal go-to's to branch out. You definitely won't regret it.

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    Take a Drive

    The air is crisp and the leaves are changing. There's nothing better than driving down an open road with the fall colors encompassing your front and rear-view mirrors. Not to mention, it's a great way to escape the real world for a day and live in the moment. See where the road, quite literally, takes you.

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    Throw A Fall Get-Together

    Even though the holidays are basically tomorrow, they can be way too busy for you and your friends to get together. Why wait? Gather your friends together for dinner and a movie, a game night, or maybe even a night out. Do it now while people aren't super busy yet nor are they slammed with the pressures that come with planning for the holidays.

    Fall doesn't have to be a summer mourning period during which you're condemned to a life of hayrides and pumpkin everything. Give some of these ideas a try. Make sure their well documented and watch Fall 2018 become one of the best you've ever had!

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