One of the reasons people get so excited for fall has absolutely nothing to do with pumpkin spiced lattes.

As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with pumpkin anything and all to do with entertainment. People get excited for the start of the fall season because it means all of their favorite shows are soon returning to TV. Fall and winter are the seasons of binging, after all.

With that being said, it's no surprise that fall is also one of the two times of the year during which a show is most likely to be cancelled. Shows come and go all the time, we know that. But then there are those shows that seem like weekly staples in the fall and spring TV lineups that, once cancelled, hit you with a huge emotional blow.

Four show cancellations were announced this season that hit their audiences like a ton of bricks....


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    FOX's musical drama EMPIRE announced it will be calling it quits after its sixth season. Many speculate that could be because of the Jussie Smollet scandal that took place earlier this year, but that being the cause for the cancellation has yet to be confirmed.

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    'Suits' on the USA network will be ending after eight seasons. It had a great run and will, most likely, do great on whichever streaming service chooses to host the program since it's the show that's responsible for launching the now Duchess of Sussex's career, Meghan Markle.

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    Fuller House

    With five solid seasons under its belt, the cast of the famous 90s TV show reboot can't be too upset. After all, the likelihood of Netflix keeping a show alive for this long is slim to none anyway. It is a shame though that we never got to see the Olsen twins reprise their roles as Michelle Tanner.

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    Criminal Minds

    This one hit fans hard. Criminal Minds has been capturing the hearts of new fans consistently for 15 seasons now. Many people thought this show had staying power that could compete with Law and Order: SVU, but it looks like CBS is ready to take the network in a different direction.

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