So, your favorite country stars are coming to town, and you've surprised that special someone with tickets. As an added bonus, you'd love for the guys to do a Birthday Shout Out for her!

Just ask us. We'll take care of it.


Not Really. Nope, not at all.

We get these requests all the time, and wish we could help, but, really we can't.

"But it's her BIRTHDAY!"

Yeah, her and a bunch of other people who will also be at the concert.

If you understand the math behind it, you'll understand this.

Seating capacity of Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall (where Florida Georgia Line will play on March 17th) is listed at 10,500. We expect the place to be sold out. If you divide that number by the number of possible birth dates (366 with leap year), you get just over 28 1/2 people, taking the average, who will be celebrating a birthday at the concert on March 17th. That would be a long list to read from stage, if everyone asked for the honor.

It's the policy of pretty much every major performer to turn down personal message requests - even if that request were made by Joe Kelly (me).

So, sorry, about your luck, but enjoy the show.

By the way, I'm open to wishing your loved one a birthday on the radio on Cat Country 107.3! We salute birthday people every morning at 7:10am. Here's how to get it done.

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