We've all heard the numbers: Several casinos closed, others teetering on the edge. Thousands out of work.

You may think there is nothing you can do - but there is!

You may have heard my "shop locally" commercial on Cat Country 107.3 or streaming at catcountry1073.com. The message is quite simple - shop locally and help the local economy. It really is true!

Think about where you are spending your discretionary income today. Where are you doing your holiday shopping? Where are you going out to dinner? Where are you going to the movies? To a concert? Gambling?

If you choose to spend your money locally, you're going to help local businesses. Spending your hard-earned money locally is going to keep that money local. The business you patronize will use your money to pay rent, buy supplies, pay employees.

While often it's easy to sit at home, jump on your computer or tablet and shop on the internet, all that's doing is sending your money to another part of the country - or the world! If you want to buy your mom a new sweater, shop a local store - and keep your money local.

Here's an idea - rediscover Atlantic City! If you're going to go for a night on the town, don't go out of town to New York or Philly - stay in AC instead!

Want to gamble? You're not going to choose a casino elsewhere are you? Atlantic City has the best of the best casinos right here. There's still a variety of casinos that may suit you well. You're not going to find a casino in any nearby state that's even close to the level of Borgata, Harrah's, Tropicana, or other local casinos.

While it might not be your first impression, our casinos have really become small resort destinations themselves. Take Borgata for instance - great unique restaurant choices, exciting nightclubs, and more! Harrah's offers a great layout that includes an unbelievable pool area. Many casinos offer unmatched spa services.

Literally, people come to Atlantic City and spend their whole vacation in one casino - because there is so much to do. Rediscover Atlantic City. Rediscover the mini-resorts we have in our own backyard.

Even outside of the casinos, Atlantic City and the surrounding area boasts some great restaurants. Take advantage of these!

Although we're heading into winter, don't forget that South Jersey really does have some of the country's nicest beaches and boardwalks. Encourage your out-of-town friends and family to vacation here!

Finally, the entertainment found in Atlantic City is unmatched for similarly-sized cities. Concerts, clubs, and more provide entertainment all the time.

I keep thinking back to this awesome video about Atlantic City that someone posted a while back.

Isn't it time we all did our part to stimulate the local economy? Rediscover Atlantic City, Rediscover South Jersey!

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