Most of us struggle getting out of bed to some degree, but if you just cannot stop hitting the snooze, then there's good news for you.

Turns out, you're more intelligent than the average. If you have the ability to control when you wake up, a study shows that it's a sign of intelligence. Who would've thunk it? says that the ability to adapt to your own specific sleeping patterns translates to you having a more enlightened state of mind. Sounds weird, right? Most would think that not having to hit the snooze would mean you were better off, but as it turns out, evidence points to the contrary.

According the Seventeen, "Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent", a study by Kaja Perina and Satoshi Kanazawa, shows that if you're able to listen to the needs of your body rather than feeling the pressure anxiety puts on you when you hear the alarm go off demonstrates your independence. Furthermore, you're probably more grounded in your ambitions and what you want out of life, therefore you're more likely to actually (and actively) pursue them.

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