Being physically present at your college or university for classes hasn't been a thing since this time last year for most NJ college students. However, students currently enrolled at Rowan College of South Jersey's Vineland campus will soon be headed back into the classroom once again.

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Get our free mobile app has shared that students planning to enroll in the Fall 2021 semester at RCCC (Rowan College at Cumberland County) will finally offer on-campus learning as an option for the first time since the semester of winter 2020. Students will, of course, still have the option of continuing with online classes, but for those who learn better in a hands-on learning environment, this is some good news. If the last year's taught us ANYTHING about the education system, it's that everyone learns and absorbs information differently. Parents that have children in elementary school learned that all too well, didn't they? Some people thrive in a classroom environment as opposed to online learning, and that's just the way it is.

As for the summer semester at Rowan College at Camden County, none of those classes will be offered online. Students planning to enroll in this year's summer semester can still expect a completely virtual learning experience.

While the traditional class style will be back this fall, attending without masks or social distancing protocols won't. Students can expect to still be required to adhere to all social distancing guidelines as well as mask-wearing if they choose to return to the campus. So, don't ditch the hand sanitizer just yet.

You can read the college's statement regarding welcoming students back in-person HERE.



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