Man, Rowan just keeps getting bigger and bigger, doesn't it?

First, Rowan lent its name to both the Rowan College of Gloucester County in Mantua and then to the Rowan College of South Jersey in Vineland, Cumberland County. Now, the Rowan name is heading back down to Cumberland yet again in the form of a brand new medical center that officially broke ground this week.

The Rowan Medicine center that will soon take shape in the coming weeks and months will serve local South Jersey families. Since the Rowan name is now tied so much to the study of medicine with the incredible programs offered at all three schools bearing the name, it only makes sense that all parties involved want to expand even more. According to, the Rowan Medicine Center will consist of two floors and over 17,354 square feet of the newest medical enhancements and technology.

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The director of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, Joseph Derella, explained how much necessary change this will bring to the region and the surrounding families. For one, Rowan's been at the forefront of medical research for quite some time now, so the building of the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine on that specific campus will translate directly into a level of care that patients from that area may have never received before.

There has been no announcement regarding when the school will be up and running, but since ground has only been broken this week, we're all a still long way off from hearing any news regarding that prediction.

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