If you've been trying to schedule your COVID vaccination, you probably already know what a hassle it is.

How do you schedule? Where do you schedule? Can you ever get scheduled?

I got my first vaccination at the Atlantic City Convention Center, and you can too.

AtlantiCare has just offered some new information on the how the scheduling system works, and if you understand it, the process might be a little easier. Strike that - it might not be easier, but it might be easier to understand how the process works.

The very first thing you need to do is pre-register with the state, so they can tell you what group you're in, and when you are eligible to make your appointment. You can pre-register here.

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Once you pre-register, you'll get an email confirming your registration, then another email telling you when you can go ahead and schedule your shot. It took me a couple weeks before I got that second email.

NOTE: In all honestly, I don't know if you really HAVE to pre-register.  In my processes of setting my own appointment, there didn't really seem to be any correlation or connection between the pre-register process and the appointment-making process. I'm not sure if there's any kind of check done when you set your appointment to make sure you are pre-registered. The  State of New Jersey might not appreciate me telling you that bit of information.

So once you are eligible and ready to make your appointment for your shot, you'll need to go to the list of locations, which can be found here.

Since I made my appointment at the Atlantic City Megasite at the Atlantic City Convention Center, I am focusing on scheduling for that location. You can reach the website for the site here.

The process is being run by AtlantiCare and they are doing a great job.

They recently updated their website to provide more information on what you need to do in scheduling your appointment, and the website works.

They update their website often, telling those who log on exactly when the next round of appointments will "open up."

When you're ready, log onto the site a few minutes early, don't refresh once your there - and, keep your fingers crossed. You'll be put into a "waiting room" with everyone else trying to make an appointment, and at the specific time the appointments "open up", you'll be RANDOMLY given a place in line. (I had over 3,000 people ahead of me, but within 40 minutes, I was scheduling my appointment.)

The website now has a list of very helpful information and "Frequently Asked Questions" - you can find that here.

When it's time for your appointment, you can drive right into the Convention Center's parking garage. Parking is free. You'll line up inside the garage, based on your appointment time. There's really no need to get there earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment - they won't let you in.

I found the process at the site very easy and extremely well organized. You can read about my experience here.

Good Luck!


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