I live and breathe the Olympics. Every two years, I am glued to the TV watching as the world's finest compete. The Olympics is a time of unity and togetherness that you don't see any other time. All over the world everyone gathers together to root on their country. Perhaps if your home country isn't competing in the event you root for another country, or simply sit back in awe of the athleticism.

With that all being said, internet trolls back off! As I scroll through Facebook comments and tweets, I see people being straight up trolls. This to me is unacceptable. Trolls, go troll the Kardashian and leave the Olympics alone.

What?!?!? Not that impressed? Mirai Nagasu is the first U.S. woman to land a triple axle in the Olympics. This girl made history and you aren't impressed?

First of all she was covered up until her costume came undone. Second of all, just stop.

This was under a post about Chris Mazdzer winning silver in luge. Chris is the first to medal in the men's single for the U.S. Luge is much harder than it may appear. The athletes have to steer the sled with their body while it goes about 90mph on ice. Yup...super easy...

I may or may be biased in my anger over this one, I LOVE Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. I enjoy their commentating because they aren't making fluff comments. They know their sport like the back of their hands and it shows. They are much more enjoyable than most other sports commentators.

So internet trolls I beg of you, take a seat on this one. This is, as they say, why we can't have nice things.

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