It's official name hasn't been Shore Mall for years - but, most locals still call it that, even though the current name is Harbor Square.

Are we witnessing it's final death of this former Egg Harbor Township landmark?

Last night, the Towne 16 Theatre outside the shopping mall (but, its not really a mall anymore, right?) showed its last movies. The theater's owner, Frank Theaters has been in trouble, and many are surprised these theaters lasted as long as they did.

While there's been no official word from the company, Outback Steakhouse is probably destined to close this spring, as a new Outback is being built a couple miles down the Black Horse Pike, in Mays Landing. (Why would the owners of Outback want to stay open at the very back of a dead parking lot?)

Burlington Coat Factory, a long-time staple of the Shore Mall (I'm going to keep calling it the Shore Mall - sorry), looks like it may be leaving. I say may, as there has been no announcement from the company. There are signs, though, in the Consumer Square Mays Landing, that Burlington Coat Factory is coming soon to the former Babies R Us store. (Side Bar - Consumer Square used to be refereed to by some as.... The Sex Mall.)

What about Boscov's? Well, there are rumors - and I say unsubstantiated rumors - that Boscov's could be headed to the former Sears store at Hamilton Mall. Again, these are only rumors.

So what does that leave at Shore Mall, er, Harbor Square? Um, not much. There's the seasonal Spirit Halloween Store, the Department of Motor Vehicles office - and, not much else.

Near the Black Horse Pike, The Golden Corral appears to be doing good business, and there is hope for a local restaurant, Nizam's, soon relocating to the former Carraba's restaurant from their current location about a mile away.

Again, I ask, is this the final death of the Shore Mall? We'll probably be finding out sooner rather than later.

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