I saw a car today that could've totally been from Pimp My Ride.

At first glance, as the car passed me, I thought it was just a funny company car. I thought, my eyes were deceiving me and that what I thought I saw wasn't what I really saw. I thought that it was probably just an extermination company that was being creative in their imaging. I thought wrong. This is by far the best car in New Jersey and I applaud the owner. Honestly, I would love to meet the owner and shake their hand for a job well done.

So what does the best car in New Jersey look like?

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

The attention to detail in this car is amazing. The roof of the car looks like it's ready for business. When I first saw the car I thought they just used the Ghostbusters font and had a company name. Nope, it does say Ghostbusters. If you look on the back passenger window, there is a sticker of Slimer from the movie.

The bumper stickers are pretty amusing as well. The bottom passenger side says, "Containment Unit. Caution. Stay Back Over 500 FT." The bottom driver side says. "Back off man, I'm a scientist." The one above that says, "What is the Mystery Shack?"

Someone put a lot of time and energy into this car and it is greatly appreciated. So bravo Ghostbusters car owner, job well done.

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