I don't know how I ended up here. I think it was an ad on Facebook. However, I don't find myself searching expensive cheeses in my spare time, so the confusion level is quite high.

However, somehow, some way, we ended up here...

From the Gourmet via Amazon

Yes, you read that correctly. This wheel of cheese costs almost $1,100!!!

In fairness you get a whole wheel of cheese that weighs 60 pounds.

Price and enormity of the cheese aside, the questions people posted under this listing were the real winners.

One user wrote: "is it edible?" The response by another user was "sometimes." This of course raises some concerns.

via Amazon

An Amazon user by the name of Shake asked: "Will this product help me find a will to live?"

The responses to their question were quite positive.

Peanut's mama wrote: "Any product, if I purchase enough of it, suffuses me with a warm flush of well-being. Unfortunately it is usually short-lived and wears off quickly. It is only through continual and repeated buying of this and many other consumer goods that I have been able to replicate an innate will to live. The downside is I can't invite anyone over anymore. Make space in your garage and good luck!"

Another user wrote: "Certainly yes, although you need to give it some time, after all, it is just cheese."

Phoenix Kaenzig asked: "How much hp does this restore? Can I stop to eat it in mid dragon battle?"

I think they got the answer they were looking for..."It will restore full hp, but only when it's a full moon, otherwise it has no effect. Believe me, I've tried any other option..."

Honestly though, I have no clue.

The reviews are just as entertaining.

Daniel B wrote: "This wheel of cheese is a life savor when deciding what to eat during my lunch at work. I order one every week and the 60lbs of cheese is all I need. Some people at work, who call themselves "Renaissance Men" scoff at me and tell me we aren't living in Ancient Rome anymore whenever they see me wolfing this down. They go on to eat their organic tofu and complain why their deadlifts are still in the double digits.

I am following the cheese diet and eat nothing but this wheel. My deadlifts have gone through the roof at the gym. People ask me what "stuff" I'm taking and I pull out this cheese wheel from my gym bag and hand out pieces. This is more than enough for my weekly meal plan. Unfortunately I realized that I cannot afford the $850 a week. I started to notice my bank account plummet and figured out that it was the cheese wheel."

via Amazon

M. McHale was clearly confused by the use of the cheese: "Pac-man has been my favorite video game since 1984, and I finally ran out of ALL my lives last month. I was sitting on my bed, crunching a pork rind, playing my Playstation on the projector screen in my parents basement like usual, and Pac-man just walked off the screen for good. I was about to call it quits and return to Starcraft, but the ghosts didn't know what to do, and the fruit kept piling up, so I had to do something. Expensive, yes, but I calculated this wheel to be the correct size to fit on my projector screen, after I cut out a wedge just like the picture shows. Let me tell you, IT DOES NOT COME WITH HARDWARE. Now my disk drive is filled with smelly ripe cheese, and the PS won't even power on. Don't waste your time buying just the Pac-man, buy another whole game!"

Read all of the fun reviews and check out the cheese on Amazon.


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