A pair of leggings that are being sold on Amazon sparked major controversy on social media and the news.

A photo made its way around social media of a pair of leggings being sold on Amazon.

Your first thought may be what's so bad about a pair of leggings?

The leggings being sold were plus sized lace trimmed capris.

This is the image used:

XiaoTianXin-women clothes Via Amazon
minminshopwin Via Amazon

Of course using a woman fitting both of her legs into one pant leg sparked major outrage.

The origin of the picture is unknown and has been used by multiple sellers.

There are 20 reviews on with an average of 2.2 stars, here are some of the reviews for the leggings.

Refinnej56 wrote: "wow- this is so insulting. Hope everyone boycotts this product!!!! C'mon Amazon- you need to step up and take this down!!!"

Becky Haug said: "This is my first review EVER. I actually broke down and posted a review to say that this is THE SINGLE MOST OFFENSIVE ad I've ever seen...Disgusting and shameful."

Heidi wrote: "I'm writing a review solely based on the disgusting ad for these leggings. SHAME ON YOU!! I will never, EVER buy anything from this seller and will tell EVERYONE I know (including social media posts) not to buy them either. YOU DON'T SELL THINGS BY INSULTING PEOPLE! Good luck, you're going to need it."

Clearly many people were appalled by the picture and rightly so.

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