If you're interested in the Pine Barrens - it's history, it's art, it's future, you're going to love an event happening on the Stockton University campus on Sunday, March 10th.

Lines on the Pines will happen inside the Stockton Campus Center that day from 11am until 4pm. It promises to include book-signings, history, arts, humanities, craft show, and everything NJ Pine Barrens! The event is free and open to the public.

According to a news release about the event, here's what can be expected that day:

* Jane Kelly, author of  "Meg Daniels Mystery Series"

*Mark Di Ionno, author of The Last Newspaperman

* Nelson Johnson, author of Boardwalk Empire (New York Times Bestseller) & The Northside  will be there from noon - 2pm.

* Michael Gabriele, author of History of NJ Folk Revival Music 1700's - Present

*Susan Puder, author of New Jersey Birds and Beyond - Photos of Birds and Plants of the NJ Pine Barrens

*Gloria Repp, author of  Fiction and Coloring Books set in the NJ Pine Barrens, and more.

Artists and Crafters include Molly Sanger Carpenter a unique sculptor, Susan Boyce a Wheaton arts crafter, Josh Westcott designer of Pine Petal Dragons, Elayne Leighton illustrator of Pine Barrens flora and fauna, Dave Phillips hand carver of wood spirits & faces, Elisa Hirvonan creates sculptures and ceramics, Paul Pedersen designs jewelry for Pine Barrens Diamonds, and many more.

All told, there will be over 80 authors, crafters, historians, musicians, and Pine Barrens "celebrities." Crafts and activities for kids will also take place.

You can find out more about the event at the Lines on the Pines website.

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