It's cold outside.

Or, it's hot outside.

Or, it's raining outside.

Or, it's snowing outside.

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It's illegal to leave your dog chained up outside in New Jersey

Actually, it doesn't matter the weather and it doesn't matter the circumstance - it's against the law in New Jersey to leave your dog on a chain outside.

The state's animal cruelty laws say dogs owners can't do that.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

What New Jersey law says about animal cruelty

According to, it's against the law to leave an animal chained up outside, unattended for more than 30 minutes in "harsh weather conditions."

That's defined as freezing temperatures (32 degrees or below), excessive heat (90 degrees and above), or in rain or snow.

Photo by Steve Sewell on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Sewell on Unsplash

Dogs need shelter too

If your dog is not living in your house, the law says you must provide adequate shelter for your animal.

That's defined as "a structure that is soundly built, in good repair and provides the
animal with adequate ventilation, water, light, and space to move and sit. In addition to these standard requirements, the shelter must also be enclosed, have a solid roof, solid walls with a single opening, a floor that is not the ground, insulation, dry bedding, and a windbreak at the entrance that is sufficient to keep the animal dry and maintain the animal’s normal body temperature when the animal is exposed to freezing temperatures and/or inclement weather."

It's nice to know somebody is looking after the animals!

Anyone violating these laws could be subject to fines, jail time, and/or community service.

Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash
Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash

The bottom line

Look, treat your animals fairly with love and respect.


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