Cereal. I can eat it all times of the day - and night.

On National Cereal Day, I thought I'd run through my list of favorite cereals.

My all time #1 favorite used to be Quisp. I think it had 3 times as much cereal as other kids' cereals! It seemed to disappear for a long time, but I've noticed that it's carried at Shoprite - for about 2 times the price of other cereals! (Thinking back, maybe I just liked it because they always had this mail-offer for a propeller/beenie. My mom never let me order it though. She probably didn't want me to fly....) By the way Quisp had a sister/rival cereal called Quake.

Since I had dreams as a kid of growing up to being a professional athlete, I also liked Wheaties of course. Apple Jacks were cool, too.

Then there were brands like Frankenberry and Boo Berry (I was never a fan of Count Chocula). Lucky Charms were swell - and they still are today.

My all time favorites also include Cap'n Crunch, King Vitamin, and Freakies!

So, there are some of mine. In the section below, tell me about some of yours!

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