'Dragon's Breath' - no, not anything even remotely Game of Thrones related.

'Dragon's Breath' is a new cereal infused with liquid nitrogen. It's actually kind of cool to watch somebody eat it. What happens is the nitrogen makes "smoke" come out of your mouth and nostrils, making it look like you're exhaling smoke like a dragon would. Sounds awesome, right?

It is awesome except for the fact that people are getting hurt. So, maybe not so awesome after all.  NJ.com reports that people who've eaten this new cereal at fairs, concerts, etc. are reporting burns, skin irritations, and even damage to internal organs.Yikes!

The snack gained popularity after teens made viral videos showcasing how the vapor works. However, the FDA is warning people to steer clear of the nitrogen-filled cereal. NJ.com says anyone that's been injured before consumption at point of sale should seek immediate medical attention.

Even Insider Edition produced a video warning people to beware of the snack gone viral. Check it out below.

Parents, a warning: make sure your children, especially your teens, are aware of and understand the dangers of this product. Teens will do almost anything for the chance at a video they produced going viral, so make sure you're properly informing them about potential harm 'Dragon's Breath' could cause. A viral video is not worth the injury.

Sources: NJ.com, Youtube

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