Commence the crying and child-like temper tantrum. Yes, September is here. I feel like it was only last week when we had a three day weekend for Memorial Day. Now we are at yet another three day weekend, but this time it is for Labor Day. A much less exciting holiday if you are like me and love summer.

Now that September is here and fall is right around the corner what does it mean? Well, there may be a lot of changes in your life.

  • Thinkstock

    Two words, pumpkin spice.

    I put all of the blame on Starbucks for this one. They created this monster. I've been seeing way too much pumpkin spice stuff in stores for way too long, but now it will just get worse.

  • TSM, Big Boy Chill
    TSM, Big Boy Chill

    Pumpkin spice Instagram posts.

    I don't know what's worse, pumpkin spice everything or my Instagram feed being blown up with pumpkin spice photos. I get it, you like pumpkin spice.

  • 3

    Local Summer!

    I felt like I needed to post a good thing about September in the mix. Local summer starts Tuesday, so there's that.

  • luanateutzi, Thinkstock
    luanateutzi, Thinkstock

    Summer stuff goes on clearance.

    This upsets me. This truly means summer is behind us.

  • Manuel-F-O

    Christmas stuff comes out.

    Some stores have had Christmas stuff out already, but now you are going to see more of it. It's not even Halloween yet, geez.

  • PaulPaladin, Thinkstock
    PaulPaladin, Thinkstock

    Getting dressed in the morning takes focus.

    Is it going to be cooler out today or warm? Who knows! Getting dressed in the morning is going to actually take effort and going to take more time to layer up.

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    School buses will start holding up traffic.

    No matter what time you leave in the morning, that darn school bus always seems to be stopped just as you are trying to leave. It is almost like the driver does it on purpose.

  • luanateutzi, Thinkstock
    luanateutzi, Thinkstock

    It is time for the closet change over.

    I am one of the few people I know who doesn't do this because I don't have a dedicated "summer" or "winter" wardrobe. The weather can't tell me how to live my life. I'm the girl that wears a sweater and shorts in the summer.

  • AlexRaths

    That garden you worked so hard to keep alive this summer dies.

    How morbid is this? You worked so hard all spring and summer to have a beautiful yard and garden. Now it all dies.

  • 10

    At least the leaves are pretty.

    So what if you have to rake them up everyday. They look so pretty in all of their colors.

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