Do you remember when Joe Pesci lived in Lavallette?

Pesci's extravagant 8-bedroom, 9-bathroom home once sat on the bay in Lavallette, on West Point Island, until December of 2022.

west point island
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The home was demolished a year and a half ago and two homes are to take its place.

Pesci built this house in 1990 and from the looks of it, he never updated it since then.

The Academy Award-winning actor attempted to sell his home a few times over the years.

It was first listed in 2019 for $6.5 million, obviously, it didn't sell then.

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The house was listed again in the middle of 2021 for the same price.

The 90s time capsule of a house finally sold in February of 2022 for $5 million. It was sold again in September of 2022 for $2.7 million.

The Goodfellas actor's home featured a carousel horse, many, many movie posters and photos from movies Pesci starred in, a barber shop chair from the shop Pesci worked at before he was an actor, a pool with a hot tub on the water, and a dock.

joe pesci house
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I particularly like the turquoise door with a coordinating fountain.

As I played around with Google Maps, I noticed a "Dog on Premisses" sign on the front gate which for some reason made me chuckle.

dog sign
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Pesci was known for coming to the mainland and visiting Il Giardinello on Rte. 166 (Lakewood Road) in Toms River. People say he would come in wearing grey sweats and no one would bother him.

Il Giardinello Toms River
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Come take a journey back in time to see what early '90s luxury looked like with a twist of Jersey.

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