New Jersey has one town that is so quaint and historic that a major publication has named it the most charming town in New Jersey.

New Jersey has many charming towns (Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash)
Photo by Samantha Watkins on Unsplash

There are so many amazing and charming small towns dotted all over the Garden State, but there is one in particular that seems to stand out year after year.

If you took a road trip to visit all the quaint, gorgeous little towns all over New Jersey, you'd be traveling for weeks and never have to leave the state.

Which New Jersey Town Is The Most Charming In New Jersey?

But, according to the well-respected website Country Living, there is one of those amazing towns that rise above the rest.

Gazebo, Cape May (Google Maps)
Gazebo, Cape May (Google Maps)

We offer our congratulations to the beloved town of Cape May, named the most charming small town in all of New Jersey.

Cape May is a town that has been given international recognition over and over again, and each time, it is well-deserved.

There Are So Many Other Charming New Jersey Small Towns

We feel like we have to name just a handful of other towns that would easily slide right into this impressive title.

Spring Lake New Jersey (Google Maps)
Google Maps

There is Spring Lake, Hoboken, Red Bank, Stone Harbor, Ocean Grove, Westfield, Princeton, Asbury Park, and Ocean City to name a few.

It's almost unfair to name just one town as the most charming here in the Garden State, but if you have to, Cape May is certainly a great choice.

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