It doesn't matter how miserable you are in New Jersey, a study says to put a smile on your face. You're actually in one of the happiest states in America.

There are so many things that happen in New Jersey that could put a damper on any day, but according to science, only 4 states in the country are happier than America, according to World Population Review.

How Can New Jersey Be Among The Happiest States?

Before you decide if you agree, I'd like to float my theory on the topic, and I think it makes sense.

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You might be wondering how a state that encounters so much stress can be one of the happiest in the nation.

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Consider this. Just because New Jersey life throws a lot at us, it can't affect our happiness, because you can be stressed and still be happy, right?

What Are The Happiest States In America?

To take it one step further, New Jersey residents probably need more happiness than most to get our level to stop 5 status.

Let's talk about the states that are even happier than we are here in New Jersey. We didn't know anyone could be happier than we are.

Here are the five states that are happier than we are (from 4-1):

#4 Utah

#3 Minnesota

#2 Maryland

#1 Hawaii

We think the happiness level for New Jersey residents is a product of our personalities and not a product of the things that surround us in the Garden State.

Congratulaions to us! We are even happier than we thought.

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