Have you ever been shopping and heard an announcement over the PA system?

Usually, it's to page someone or ask for a price check. No big deal.

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However, you should know that there are certain "codes" to listen for because if you hear them, you need to get out immediately.

Many stores in New Jersey use "secret codes" over the speaker system to communicate among employees and allow shoppers to have a calm experience.

The last thing that you want to do is cause a panic. That makes everything worse.

A website called Quora asked retail workers and managers what these super-secret code words mean.

A retail associate at Walmart since 2018 shed some light on the code's meanings.

If you are shopping and you hear these codes now you will know what they are warning the employees about.

What Code Word PA Warnings Actually Mean

We've all been shopping and heard PA announcements. Some are nothing more than "clean up on isle 3" but some PA announcements can be in code and they can mean real danger. If you hear some of these, leave your cart and the store immediately.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Holly

Let's hope you shop happily and without any of these codes being called.

It never hurts to be armed with an understanding.

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