Spending all day, every day this holiday season stuck on the Hallmark Channel? Don't you watch and think there are so many South Jersey towns that would make for a great Christmas movie?

We do. After seeing Washington Street Mall in Cape May pop up (briefly) in a 2022 Hallmark Channel movie called 'Christmas at the Golden Dragon', we thought of 10 more places right here in South Jersey Hallmark would find rich with movie inspiration.

Isn't Village Greene in Historic Smithville the most unbelievable setting for a Hallmark Christmas movie? It's so quaint it could rival Stars Hollow!


And what about Haddonfield? Oh, or Merchantville? Aunt Charlotte's Candies ALONE could be its own movie.

Aunt Charlotte's Candies/Facebook
Aunt Charlotte's Candies/Facebook

FYI, these towns are all amazing places to visit during the holiday season.

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Take a look below and let us know what South Jersey town YOU think would make for a romantic Hallmark movie.

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