We had the opportunity recently to talk with Lucy Paccione from “The Other Lucy Beach Grille,” in Margate, New Jersey. She shared some great history with us.

Lucy conveyed that “Lenny (of Lenny’s Hot Dog Fame) would surely be thrilled to learn of the revival of his legendary Sweet Pepper Hash and fish cakes. At the Other Lucy in Margate, we proudly featured these delicacies on our menu during the summer of 2023,” said Lucy.

Paccione also shared that;

Adding to the historical significance, The Other Lucy Beach Grille made its grand entrance in the summer of 2023, nestled within the Lucy the Elephant premises. We were thrilled to receive Wayne's endorsement, the owner of the last remaining Lenny's hot dog counter-serve spot in Feasterville, Pa. Wayne obtained the rights to the Sweet Pepper Hash over twenty years ago, generously making it available to the Other Lucy and facilitating our connection with the principal fish

cake supplier. Additionally, he graciously allowed us to use the Lenny's name for promotional purposes. Our bond with Wayne has flourished into a strong friendship. Below, you'll explore the rich history of Lenny's Hot Dogs.

Lucy has such a command of the rich history of Lenny’s Hot Dogs and the other ingredients.

“Lenny's hot dogs began with a modest cart in South Philly in 1935, established by Russian immigrants Max and Ida Kravitz,” said Lucy.

The business expanded quickly, because it was so well received by the public.

“Upon his (Max’s) safe return from World War II, their son Lenny assumed control and eventually expanded to three additional locations: one in Margate, NJ, and one each in Mt. Airy and Northeast Philly,” said Lucy.

“Alongside their renowned hot dogs, Lenny's gained fame from their delightful sweet pepper hash, fish cakes, and combos (hot dogs & fishcake on the same roll),” said Lucy.

This tradition lives on today with the original sweet pepper hash recipe and the same commitment to excellence in hot dogs, fish cakes, and combos. We eagerly look forward to welcoming everyone to The Other Lucy for its second season, opening on Memorial Day weekend, said Lucy Paccione.

Here is a photo (see below) of an original Lenny’s Hot Dogs advertisement.

Lucy Paccione
Lucy Paccione

Bon appétit.

SOURCE: Lucy Paccione.

NOTE: We have also learned that Lucy Paccione uses the Sabrett Hot Dogs because 98 percent of the ingredients are comprised of beef, water and salt … with less than 2 percent of other flavorings … long referred to as “New York's # 1 Hot Dog, renowned for fabulous taste and consistency,” according to Sabrett.

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