Now that the shoobies have gone away, Jahna will play!

Now that it's our time to enjoy where we live, I'm chomping at the bit to get out there and experience everything I've been too busy to actually get the chance to enjoy this summer.

Seriously, sometimes I feel like we're on the go so much that we don't get to enjoy what's in our own backyard. I only made it to the beach like four times this whole summer. Awful, isn't it? Well, I'm attempting to rectify that from now through the end of September. I fully intend to take full advantage of local summer before immersing myself in everything fall.

So, I created a little bucket list for myself that will *hopefully* hold me accountable. My hope is that this will force me to get out there and enjoy some more summer fun before it completely slips away.

Here's my plan:

  • 1

    Explore a New Beach

    I've always wanted to explore the beaches of Cape May Point. You know, see the shipwreck, walk around the grounds near the lighthouse, even climb the lighthouse. Can you believe I've NEVER done it?? Well, it's true. Hopefully though, not for long.

  • 2

    Sam's vs. Mack's?

    Before the official start of fall, I have a sincere goal of solving the mystery that's plagued Wildwood beach and boardwalk goers for generations: Sam's or Mack's??

    Who has the better pizza??

    Now, I have tried both, but never at the same time. They both taste awesome to me, but in order to truly judge which one my palate prefers, I'm going to have to try each one back-to-back. I'll let you know the verdict....

  • 3

    A Day on the Rides

    I ALWAYS head to the boardwalk every summer to ride some rides, even if it's only one time. I like to head to a few different boardwalks normally, but this year I haven't even gone ONCE! It's awful, I know.

    I plan on rectifying that in the weeks to come, for sure. Hopefully heading to more than one, but even if it is only one, I'll be satisfied.

  • 4

    A Meal on the Water

    I've eaten on the water a few times already this summer, but normally I try to grab a bite on the bay once a week. I'm looking to soak up some warmth and great views maybe two more times before it gets too chilly and everything closes their waterfront seating.

  • 5

    Eat Waffles and Ice Cream!

    I only eat it in the summertime and usually it's on the boardwalk. If you've learned anything from my bucket list so far, it's probably that I absolutely MUST fit in a day on the boards at least once before the season's over.

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