Athletes make the big bucks, while teachers work themselves to the bone educating minds. So, what if teachers got paid like athletes?

That's exactly what happens in "TeacherCenter,' this Key & Peele sketch in which teachers are treated like millionaire stars. It's a parody of ESPN's SportsCenter with some biting social commentary about how maybe we value the wrong people in our society.

The sketch is, first and foremost, very funny, playing with all kinds of stereotypes, from the free agent teacher announcing she's signed with a new school to the top teaching draft pick who "has an incredible story. His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro-football player. Kid was a natural mathlete." The analysis of the teacher who engages the introverted student is also right on the money.

And the skit ends with a clever faux car commercial that looks eerily similar to the many ads you'd see a pro athlete do.

Well done, guys. They manage to parody ESPN and make a good point about the importance of teachers at the same time.

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