If you have a sibling, you know it's not always the fantasy your parents envisioned. Nine times out of ten, parents have multiple kids so they get to grow up with a playmate, a true friend, and someone genetically programmed to always have your back.

As you know, life doesn't always deliver the fantasy. Having siblings is a blessing, but can also be extremely difficult especially if you don't get along. At the end of the day, though, there's always an innate feeling of love.

Growing up with a sibling that has special needs comes with its own set of challenges that no doubt takes their toll at times, but these kids express nothing but love and support for their siblings. Check it out:

We all need a jolt of reality once in a while to remind us what's important in life. This is what's important: love and support, always. These kids are doing life right.

Source: Facebook

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