Well, that's a rap, friends. Halloween is officially over.

Spooky season has officially come to an end. The trick-or-treaters have collected all the candy their little hands can grab. So, now it's safe to ask parents this question: how'd the night go?

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Besides Game 3 in the World Series getting postponed, that is. My friends and I were chatting today and three of them said they're a bit bummed that they rushed through the holiday to make sure they were ready for the first pitch only for it not to happen. It what it is, though. What can you do?

What I do know is that parents from Egg Harbor Township specifically should be really proud of their kids. Locals turned to Facebook on Tuesday, November 1, to give credit where credit is due for the etiquette displayed by the majority of kids while trick-or-treating throughout the town's various neighborhoods this year.

Manners were witnessed by more than one house this year as many people commented on the original post about how well-behaved everybody was this year. That always makes Halloween more enjoyable for everyone, don't you think? It's not uncommon to hear about a bit of debauchery going down on Halloween night these days, so it's nice to hear that this year was a pleasant experience for all.

Apparently, more than a few of the EHT neighborhoods were packed with trick-or-treaters this year. The post confirms that both the adults, kids, and home owners all had a great time. Check out the compliments from various EHT homeowners about the night HERE.

Source: Facebook

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