Happy Halloween, ya'll!

The day has finally come! The kids are ready and rearing to hit the town for Halloween 2023.

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Since Halloween falls on a weeknight this year, you'll want to have a game-plan in place for your trick-or-treating schedule. Sure, it's important to hit up every house in the neighborhood. Get as much candy as you can, kids! But, don't forget to have mom and dad take you to some of the local stores in the area so you can trick-or-treat there, too!

Here's a pro-tip for you, parents: make sure your kids get to Wawa at some point today.


You already know you'll need to stop for something random at some point today, anyway. Make sure that store is Wawa. Also, make sure you bring the kids fully decked out in their Halloween costumes.

Free kids meals are back!

We've been told by Wawa employees that Wawa will be passing out free kids meal coupons to any and all children that come dressed in costume and looking trick-or-treat ready. Not a bad deal, right?


Who doesn't love free food? When you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off over the next few weeks prepping for the holidays, you'll be thankful that you made the pit-stop for that freebie.

And to you kids, enjoy that free meal!

Information provided for us by a local Wawa employee who chooses to remain anonymous.

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