It really stinks when the road you take to work each and every morning is closed, and you have to take a way-out-of-the-way alternated route.

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I know. I've lived it for the past year. Since last November, Mill Road in Egg Harbor Township, between Fire Road and Spruce Street, has had only one lane open. Westbound traffic only. If you were heading East, you had to take a different not-very-convenient route.

Here's the kicker, when the detour was first announced in November 2020, it was announced that the detour could last two years.

Now, we've learned the partial detour is ending, and the road will be open - both lanes!

This is very exciting - even if it's just me who's excited.

Is the work on the Parkway overpasses that much ahead of schedule?

The truth is, we don't know. All we have to go on is this note posted on the Egg Harbor Township Police Department's Facebook page:


A full detour of Mill Rd at Fire Rd & Spruce/Old Zion Rd will occur on Thurs, 9/23, from 7 am-3 pm, to remove the partial detour that has been in place. Mill Road will have two lanes of traffic open, beginning the early evening of Thursday, 9/23."
Is this a permanent change? It sure reads like it, right?
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a much easier - and quicker - commute from now on.
Thanks to all the workers who made this happen!

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

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